Cryo_READ is a computational tool using deep learning to automatically build full DNA/RNA atomic structure from cryo-EM map.

If encounter problems, please contact Daisuke Kihara ( or Xiao Wang (

Example EMD-21051
Input Map file:21051.mrc

Input Sequence file:21051.fasta

Contour level: 0.6

Resolution: 3.7

Result Example:Result Example
Tutorial VideoTutorial PPT Tutorial Web.

CryoREAD algorithm (20-min video)


Please simply click "Schedule Job" when you filled all input fields.

Please make sure your contour level is lower than your focused region. This is absolute density threshold, not standard deviation.

If you are not sure, just use threshold 0, our model can automatically detect the structure regions.

CryoREAD is designed for map at better than 5A resolution.

Resolution information is needed for refinement by phenix.real_space_refine.

If you do not know sequence information, you can skip to upload the fasta file.

We accept fasta files that includes proteins, where protein sequence will be automatically ignored.