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The RoadMap that you can access below contains 13 algorithms developed by Kihara Lab for structure modeling, validation and refinement of cryo-EM maps. After viewing the RoadMap you can choose any of the 13 algorithms to submit your job. For best results please view the Tutorial before submitting a job. Additionally, you will receive detailed instructions in the submission page on how to interpret output and prepare inputs.

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This server is free and open to all users including commercial users and there is no login requirement.

You can hover over every method to preview the output

Category Structure Type Resolution Methods
Structure Modeling Protein 0-5 Å DeepMainMast
DeepMainMast Image
MainMast (single-chain only)
MainMast Image
0-20 Å DiffModeler(template input)
DiffModeler Image
DiffModeler(sequence input)
DiffModeler(seq) Image
Protein-DNA/RNA Complex 0-5 Å ComplexModeler
Structure Validation Protein 0-5 Å DAQ-Score
Structure Refinement Protein 0-5 Å DAQ-Refine
Unknown Protein Finding Protein 0-5 Å DAQFinder
Secondary Structure Detection Protein 5-10 Å Emap2sec
Protein-DNA/RNA Complex 5-10 Å Emap2sec+
Structure Fitting Map vs. Map 0-20 Å VESPER
Structure vs. Map 0-20 Å VESPER(S2M)

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