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Category Structure Type Resolution Methods
Structure Modeling Protein 0-5 Å DeepMainMast
DeepMainMast Image
MainMast (single-chain only)
MainMast Image
0-20 Å DiffModeler(template input)
DiffModeler Image
DiffModeler(sequence input)
DiffModeler(seq) Image
Protein-DNA/RNA Complex 0-10 Å ComplexModeler
Structure Validation Protein 0-5 Å DAQ-Score
Structure Refinement Protein 0-5 Å DAQ-Refine
Secondary Structure Detection Protein 5-10 Å Emap2sec
Protein-DNA/RNA Complex 5-10 Å Emap2sec+
Structure Fitting Map vs. Map 0-20 Å VESPER
Structure vs. Map 0-20 Å VESPER(S2M)

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